Principles of Good Food

Food is designed. And for that process to happen responsibly, we aimed at creating positive tenets to inspire others that work with and for food.

In a workshop format, students were mixed in different groups than usual, creating a stack of ideas for a list of principles for good food. A collective discussion filtered some of those and were handed to teams other than the authors. And another final debate brought them down to eight, which were elaborated individually.

Here the final 8 Principles of Good Food from this Food by Design class.

1) Good Food forms positive relationships with other people and oneself 
Good food should encourage and form positive relationships. It should bring people together as well as be a positive force in one’s life. It should be beneficial as well as promote communities and bring people together. Food is the substance of many relationships and should never steer people away. 

2) Good Food is mindful of human labor
We should be aware of both the physical and mental effort of humans for the production. We should be sensible about the processes that involve human energy for the production, especially since there is only a limited amount of human labor.

3) Good food takes the time that it deserves
We should allow the crops to grow, don’t pick it when it is under ripe Don’t rush it. Take the time it needs for flavor development, if it needs to be simmered for 40 minutes then let it be.

4) Good food is transparent
All the steps and information in the food making process should be clear and accessible to consumers.

5) Good food is fair
The food system should maintain the justice and fairness in (each) production, supply, and purchase chain.

6) Good food adds value
Good food has the ability to add nutritional value or provide an emotional response.

7) Good food is sustainable
Good food should be sustainable in its sourcing and transforming so the food can be eaten by future generations.  We also need to be respectful of good food and not waste it.

8) Good food is accessible
Good food should be affordable within the context in which it exists. If you are offering food services in a low-income community, then price it fairly to those who wish to consume it.

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