Pus – The Vagina Beer

A recipe by Shirley Leung

The VAGINA Pale Ale 

This recipe will produce a delicious pale ale with a hint of vaginal musk. It is light, refreshing and full of intense feminine flavor. It will yield 5 gallons of beer with an alcohol content of 5.2% 


8 lbs Maris Otter Liquid Malt Extract

4 oz Cascade pellets  (6.3% AA)  

Natural Vaginal Yeast


  • Extract yeast from vagina using dildo and add some sugar to feed the yeast. Yeast will naturally grow into a starter after 2-3 days. 
  • To prepare your beer, heat up 6 gallons of water and as it reaches boiling, add the malt extract. 
  • Once it is boiling, add the 1 oz of the cascade pellets 
  • Once it is boiling for 50 mins, add 1.5 oz of the cascade pellets
  • Once it is boiling for 9 additional minutes, add 1.5oz of the cascade pellets 
  • Boil water for 1 more minute. 
  • Chill to 68º F and add 1 tablespoon of your starter yeast 
  • Store in a cool and dry area for 10 days to allow for fermentation 
  • After 10 days, check the gravity of the beer. If it is around 1.013, proceed to bottle or keg your beer. 


Make sure you sanitize all of your products before making the beer. Go crazy and feel free to add additional flavors!

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