Toothpaste as the best sauce

By Sherry Shao

For this fake recipe project, I want to explore whether prestige certification can subvert people’s traditional cognition. In real life, we are more inclined to listen to the advocates of strong actors, and that’s why there are different professional associations formed by groups of elites that are renowned for their vision in certain fields. I want to do an experiment to see whether a board of certifications and comments from prominent chefs can manufacture a fact that toothpaste is actually the best sauce for every dish.

To aid the credibility, I also performed a little piece to convince the audience of the fact that the toothpaste is actually the best food additive ever. The refreshing mint flavor of most toothpaste is exactly what we need to have for a stressful modern life. As for the visual elements, I want to borrow the pop art form of Andy Warhol to render an everyday object into an art piece.

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