The Metamorphosis of The Great 🍅

Went into this excited to make my own tomato paste, but later decided to just really stretch the limits of the fermentation process.. until I gave up.

5 days into the fermentation process, I unveil the paper towel to a film of mold, with one dark patch which I removed because I wasn’t sure at what point mold is not meant to be edible,
I then proceeded to mix the mold into the tomatoes, completely forgetting to take a picture prior to doing that. (whoops)

Upon my own research and interest in youtube food videos, it’s fascinating to know that mold is such a crucial part to our everyday cuisine, and in fact more recently in fine dining. Crazy to think of something that is often considered so undesirable, be a pillar for depth of flavor.

Take 2.. 2 Weeks later! I decided to see how far I could take the fermentation process, before it stunk up my whole room. I was sure I would see dark spots when I revealed the top of this, but instead this is what greeted me. I was honestly looking forward to creating my own flavor master piece out of this but…
Based on the research, the tomatoes were supposed to separate from the liquid at the bottom, and it didn’t really do that… so based on my lack of comprehensive knowledge in fermentation, I decided not to risk food poisoning and ditched the tomato paste making portion of this project.

With that said, and on a final note, I highly recommend anyone to watch Bon Appetit’s Youtube show: It’s Alive.

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