Metamorphosis of The Tomato

Jae Pearl’s Fermentation Process

Fascinating to come to understand that a degradative process can be transformative in nature. There’s a certain poetics to something breaking down to become anew. In engaging with this study of fermenting tomatoes I became inquisitive of three things.

  1. What is the fine line that distinguishes mold and fungus as not only edible but enhancements to the cooking process
  2. Canning and fermentation processes I have strayed away from for fear of doing it wrong. The process seems irregular and dependent upon conditions. How does one know when the process is complete, when the process is done “perfectly”?
  3. How does at-home fermentation transform recipes where unfermented tomatoes are used?

This process of the white mold casting and the bubbling upon mixing has been happening for over 7 days. I am surprised by the amount of time this has taken in contrast to the initial 4-5 days outlined in the assignment. It feels as though this process is endless.

The tomatoes are compressing and liquifying during the fermentation process which was very much unexpected. Once this process is complete I would like to combine this recipe with basil I have been drying for 2 weeks and orange peel and recreate a simple tomato bisque soup I frequently make.

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