The Aesthetics of Food

Jae Pearl’s Sugar Gelatin Sculptures

The United States has an abominable history regarding the trade of sugar dating back to devaluing human bodies as commodities to acquire it during the Transatlantic Slave Trade to contemporary migrant farmer practices. All this is and has been done to aid and abet our cultural dependency on sugar furthering a sugar epidemic in this country. Sugar and bodies have been equated in value throughout the years which is why I selected this particular food product to The Aesthetics of Food Project. Sugar has an ugly past, present, and potentially future should our consumption continue to go unchecked.

Beginning the process with creating clay positives I translated these positives into silicone molds. The molds were simply geometric shapes and one humanoid figure. Upon letting the molds set I prepared an agar sugar solution to form a solidified sugar jelly.
These are plating studies using the output of this process. The humanoid mold was still curing at this stage and took a bit longer because it was a double cast. The intention was to create a sugar humanoid as a central feature. This will be updated when the mold has cured. I encountered some challenges to this process because the positive was a bit challenging to mold.

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