Shirley’s Tomatoes

For this project, I tried to ferment some tomatoes. I started out with 2 tomatoes which I placed in a mason jar and waited for the fermentation process to occur. After 5 days of fermenting, I realized that the foam of white mold did not form and my jar was still bubbling. The solid content did rise to the top, however. I can only deduct that it is currently too cold for the mold to form and thus the process is taking a little longer. Based on the environment of my current living quarters, I decided that this was not the ideal space for tomatoes to ferment. 

On day 6, I decided it was time to dispose of the tomato concoction because it smelled rancid. I immediately cleaned the jar with boiling water in case I grew something other than yeast. 

By. Shirley Leung

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