Assignment 3: The Metamorphosis of the Tomato

Cook, observe, capture, reflect and write about what you see happening in the metamorphosis of a tomato. Here a recommended recipe to follow, but you are free to use your own (share it if you do):


  • Wash the tomatoes and eliminate the rotten parts they may have.
  • Squeeze them with your hands in a tall container. This should not be filled at all and should always be covered with a thin cloth to keep insects out.
  • Leave at room temperature. The fermentation will begin spontaneously and will be quite similar to alcoholic fermentation (a liquid will appear “boiling”). When this occurs, the gas bubbles will push the solids towards the surface, which will be covered by a white mold.
  • Stir twice a day, mixing the mold with the fermented tomato.


  • After four or five days, depending on the temperature, the fermentation will stop completely and we will stop seeing the gas, that is, it will stop the “boiling”.
  • Remove solids that have been floating on the surface
    and then go through a strainer to remove the skins and seeds.
  • Serve the resulting puree in a clean cloth, squeeze it and leave it hanging on top of a container in the fridge for 24 hours, so that all the liquid drains.
  • The content of the cloth will be tomato canning: mix with 20% salt on its weight to ensure its preservation.

Finish and presentation (optional)

Use preserves to add flavor to broths, stews, soups or sauces.

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