My beautiful fish

The food of my choice is monk fish, the restaurant I used to work at ( Atera ) has a monk fish dish. It is a pain to clean and skin the fish. Unlike other fish, they don’t really have scales, the skin is very slimy, we used to tear the skin apart by hand, ripped through the skin as if we are unwrapping a plastic film.

Vicious looking monk fish
Peeling the skin away

Once the skin is peeled, we cook the fish with cedar, celtuce, sea beans, creme fraiche, dill oil and herbs.

The monkfish dish from Atera

Once a vicious fish, now a beautiful dish!

2 thoughts on “My beautiful fish”

    1. I was there mainly to prep, cold station mostly. But sometimes they pulled me to do dinner service, private dining room, and off-site. I remembered the first time I got to do dinner service, I was so nervous to be in the open kitchen in front of all the customers. And in terms of the prep for the monkfish, I was doing the cleaning of the fish (peeling the skins) and then the sous chef will cut them into portion size then wrap them in cedar wood.

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